About Us


In 2011, five local producers came together to create “Exportadora Alfaberries, aiming to improve the marketing and sales of our fruit, representing 80% of the volume of exported blueberries at that time. 

Since the beginning, dozens more nearby producers have joined in working with us, which in 2018 allowed us to build our own packing and cold storage plant using high-end technology. This permits us to control the quality, selection, cold chain and export of our varied products, with an advantageous market position and achieve satisfaction among our clients and collaborators.  

In 2019, we developed a new line of business, offering processing services for chestnuts, ensuring greater continuity in our packing and cold storage plant. 

During the 2019/2020 season, as a company, we reached 1,650 exported tons of berries for the fresh fruit market.

In 2020, the consolidation of our company allowed us to invest 2 million dollars in the latest generation of optic calibration machinery for our products, along with an expansion of our plant, which allows for an important increase in exported fruit, as well as the delivery of processing services to third parties, among others.


Our mission is to satisfy the needs of our clients through processes based on excellence and that are environmentally friendly to produce high-quality fruit, delivering technical and logistical assistance, while ensuring the standards and times agreed upon with clients.


Continue growing in volume, diversifying with new products and markets, and adding value with the objective of being internationally recognized as a supplier of excellent fruit.


Dependability: We generate strong ties of trust with our clients, being consistent in the compliance with the volume, quality and timing programs.

Closeness: We really want to know the reality that our clients and suppliers experience, supporting them throughout the production and sales process. 

Corporate Social ResponsibilityWe continually train our staff to achieve proposed goals and objectives, respecting environmental standards. 

The Team

We have an excellent work team – people who are committed to the Alfaberries values and we work hard every day to do our job the best way possible with heart, dedication and the highest quality standards.  

We are constantly concerned with keeping ourselves trained and updated on relevant issues for our business that allow us to grow both personally and professionally, including technological matters, in order to offer excellence in technical assistance to our producers.



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