At Alfaberries, we are committed to satisfying the standards for control and safety of all our clients. Therefore, we offer and carry out different services that help us maintain a competitive position based on very good results. 

 We offer technical and logistical assistance to the over 40 domestic producers who trust in us. Our agronomists are in charge of this and they constantly visit the fields, creating work strategies that serve as a guide for our clients. It’s a professional job and 100% custom according to the needs of each customer. 

 We concern ourselves with rigorously and permanently complying with quality controls from the field until the moment the fruit arrives at its final destination. That’s how we guarantee excellence in our products. 

 We are totally committed to the development of our producers and to obtaining the highest quality fruit. This is why food safety is such an important matter to us.




Below, different certifications for both our plant as well as our exporting unit can be found, validating us as a company that complies with industry demands:

SGS carries out certifications for food safety technical norms from production through to the sale of foods.   

 United Kingdom

Certifications for growing operations and minimally processed products.


Certification for Safe Business

Additionally, we have certifications from ECOCERT Chile, the main national organization for organic certification:

EC 834/07

 Ecológical Agriculture – Europe                                     

NOP (National Organic Program)


Certification Organic Products



We have developed highly efficient technology for cold storage processes, managing to accelerate the cooling times to reach adequate temperatures well before traditional cold storage facilities. 

 Below, the current facilities at our export plant are detailed:

2 receiving platforms for cooled fresh fruit

Dimensions: 35 x 8.5 m.

2 loading bays to ship finished product

Dimensions: 25 x 15 m, with cooling equipment to reach temperatures as low as -5°C.  

4 ultra-fast Californian pre-cooling tunnels with air inversion

Equipped with large, high-capacity interior evaporators and fans. They have airflow and pressure control, frequency variation, thermometrics in real time, and a large capacity for compression, which all together make these world-class tunnels. Our raw material tunnels are able to reduce the temperature from the field (30°C approx.) to the processing temperature of 4°C in 35 minutes, while the tunnels for finished product reduce the temperature of the fruit in clamshells from 4°C to 0°C in 1 hour, and with finished products with a modified atmosphere, 0°C is reached in 3 hours, which demonstrates evolution in quality and efficiency.

3 holding chambers for finished product

With cooling equipment to reach temperatures as low as -5°C.  

4 holding chambers for raw product

With cooling equipment to reach temperatures as low as -5°C. 

1 racked holding chamber for finished product

Racked Drive-In system with double depth, with capacity for 400 pallets, with cooling equipment to reach temperatures as low as -5°C. 

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