At Alfaberries, we deliver fruit when the client needs it. For this reason, we have a consolidation and shipping service that includes:

  • Review of containers, including a check of cooling equipment, ventilation, temperature setting at 0°C, hermetic condition and cleanliness. 
  • Record and check of temperature, weight and stowage of the cargo, with photographic record. 
  • Installation of thermographs to control temperature variations during the voyage and tracking through GPR technology. 
  • All the fruit exits our plant with its respective safety seal to avoid the opening of containers before arriving at destination. 
  • Post-harvest, controlled-atmosphere technique upon loading container with CO2 and Oxygen so that the fruit arrives in a perfect state at destination. Additionally, we use the post-harvest, modified-atmosphere technique in our bag-sealed box to box for those countries that require it, as is the case with Asian markets. 

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