In 2018, at Alfaberries, we built our own high-end technology packing plant for blueberries, allowing us to process and export fruit to different countries such as Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, Korea, the USA, the Netherlands, Japan, the UK and Uruguay. 

Over time, we have been able to improve technologies as well as increase our packing capacity, enabling us to provide services to third parties. 

In the 2019/2020 season, the plant received more than 2,400 tons for the exportation process of fresh blueberries. 



At Alfaberries, we know the importance of processes to comply with established quality standards for export.

That’s why we have:

1 Multi-purpose processing room

Dimensions: 35 x 25 m, with cooling equipment to reach temperatures as low as -5°C. 

3 complete lines for fresh fruit processing

North American brand “A&B”, equipped with Blower, Precalibre, Chromax, Soft Sorter, Hole Sizer, Belts at height, 12 and 16 clamshell scales, automatic labelers, Inkjet codifiers, packing tables and metal detectors. 

1 line of optic processing and selection

Australian Brand “GP Graders” with 16 lines, equipped with AirJet® Vision, world-class technology, with cameras that allow for classification of fresh products in categories never before seen. The AirJet® classifyer utlizes ultra HD cameras to provide the sharpest image for defects and calibre analysis. The AirJet® TM Vision has a multispectral camera configuration with 6 megapixels for each line. Specialized algorithms determine height, width, diameter, and the shape of the product. Each line moves at speeds up to 30 units/second, permitting high productivity while maintaining classification precision. 

2 lines of automatic tray washing
2 lines of continuous sealing

With semiautomatic heat sealers

3 sulfur anhydride gassing chambers

With airflows of 15,000 m3/hr. With gassing capacity of 16,000 kg/hr of fresh blueberries and with automatic injection, aeration, and extraction control.

1 Methyl Bromide (CH3Br) fumigation chamber

With automatic control of process.

1 line of Flowpack sealing

For individual clamshells or by the lot.

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